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TBARTON-2newsletterDear Beach Ford Family,

I certainly hope this finds all of you well, as we begin to wind down summer.  At this time of year, the so-called “dog-days” of summer, it is easy to remember the slight apprehension that came along with thoughts of the fleeting care-free days, the arrival of a new school year, and the fast approach of busier times.  It is a bittersweet feeling that remains for most of us, despite not having to return to school in September.  Even for us adults, working each day, we sense the changing time and the slight “breather”  that is June-August will end very soon.

Traditionally, this was the time when all the new car and truck models would make their debuts.  Now, Ford and the other manufacturers will roll out new product any time the factory is ready and quality has been checked and re-checked.  In 2014, we will get an all-new 2015 model year Mustang and F-150!  This is big for Ford and Beach Ford, as there are no more-iconic brands within the Ford family than Mustang and F-150!  They are the two vehicles that our customers most identify with their lifestyles.  Because of the history that both vehicles possess, our customers are very particular when ordering them, and. luckily for us, they have some of the highest number of options available in an automobile.  One man’s practical, work-on-the-weekends, get-it-done truck can easily be another man’s luxury coach, containing the highest-grade leather and all the other items found in the best high-end vehicles.

By far the biggest stories for us in 2014 will be the launch of these legendary Ford icons.  I have seen both of the new, top-secret, versions of these fine vehicles and only one word works to describe them.  Perfection.  It should be fun and I look forward to seeing you in the coming months at Beach Ford!

Thank you for being part of the Beach Ford Family,

Tom Barton

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